Weekend recap

You know, for needing a break so badly, we definitely had a productive weekend. Yesterday, John and I ran errands. I am on a mission to find a bigger basket for Amelia’s room to house her ever growing collection of toys. I was unsuccessful, but we did get some much needed tools for organizing the closet. We visited some family members and capped off the night with a nice dinner together. Even though we didn’t do anything special, I really appreciated being able to spend the whole day with John. Because of our schedules it doesn’t happen often, so it was nice just to have alone time with my husband. Especially since pretty soon that’s going to be SEVERELY limited, I’m trying to make the most of it now.

John had a flight today, so I tried to accomplish some more necessary errands he can’t stand. Like grocery shopping, something I haven’t done in over two weeks (our cabinets and fridge were pretty barren). I cleaned the house in preparation for a couple special visitors and returned some duplicate gifts I’ve received and purchased two necessary baby items: A diaper bag and a crib mattress. My mom and dad came to see our place and the nursery and took me to lunch (I don’t care how old you are, you can always appreciate a free lunch, and the older I get the more I appreciate the time spent with my parents).

I’ve spent the rest of the day just laying around, watching So You Think You Can Dance on Hulu and reading. Overall, it’s been one of the nicest weekends I’ve had in a while. Even though it was productive it was still relaxing, and dare I say it, even fun. Plus, the nursery is almost done!

(I promise all of those things will be out of the crib when she’s actually using it).

All it really needs is a few finishing touches. My mom ordered a beautiful pad for the rocking chair that I can’t wait to get in there, I want to get some small storage baskets for the first couple shelves of the bookcase, we have some staggered shelves to hang on the other side of the window, and it still needs a dresser. But, it’s almost there! And in only 6.5 more weeks I get to rock my sweet baby girl in it. Cannot wait :).

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