“On the Night You Were Born”

Like my mom, I’m a reader. I’m hoping I can instill the same love of books into Amelia, so I’ve been reading to her everyday for the past few months. Sometimes it’s baby books, sometimes it’s a few pages from a book I’m reading (she’ll be an expert on parenting from day one), and sometimes it’s an article in US Weekly (don’t judge me on my vices, I don’t judge you on yours).

My mom gave me a few books for my shower yesterday. On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman was in the pile.

It’s a breathtakingly beautiful book, both in words and illustrations, and I’m being completely honest with you here, I’ve ready it to her three times already, and I’ve cried like a baby each time. And I don’t mean “eyes welling up because something moves you” crying, I mean “tears pouring down your face and soaking your shirt” crying.

Anyway, if you’re a parent, getting ready to be a parent, thinking about becoming a parent, or know someone who is a parent, you should pick up this book. I promise you it’s worth it. It’s a beautiful addition to any child’s library.


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