Dancing by herself

I often find myself trying to deduce Amelia’s personality traits from her movements in utero. It’s become a fun little game around the house as well as an ongoing joke.

A couple nights ago, for instance, she was rocking out hard core in there. She was moving so much and so rigorously my whole stomach was moving. All I could do was watch in awe. How can something so small move THAT much? I joked on Twitter she was having a party by herself. She must really live frozen yogurt and So You Think You Can Dance. It carried on for a long while, even after we went to bed, prompting this discussion:

John: Is that you or the baby?

Me: Baby.

John: We’re going to have a long talk about bedtimes when she gets here.

(And last night, I pressed down on my stomach at the exact same time/place she kicked, which never happens, and I FELT HER LITTLE FOOT, OH MY GOD. It was the weirdest, coolest thing.)

From what I can gather, if she is half as active outside the womb as she is now she’s going to be a very active baby, but only on her terms. If she’s kicking a lot and someone else goes to feel, she immediately stops and won’t resume until the offending hand is removed from my belly. So, active and stubborn. And with a complete disregard for bedtime. Clearly, John and I will have our hands full with this tiny dancer.

I’m curious to see how accurate my guesses are. Was anyone else able to figure out baby’s temperament from actions while pregnant?

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