Nursery, round whatever

The nursery is almost done! This is what it looks like now:

(If you need comparison, this is what it looked like a few weeks ago.)

What a difference, huh? We got the rug from Target (God, I love that store). It’s soft and plush and the perfect size for putting a blanket down for tummy time.

All that’s really left is getting the dresser. And let me tell you, finding a dresser that works in the space was a huge pain in the ass. It’s not a very big room, which is fine, I mean, it’s a nursery. She won’t even be in it for a couple months. After some intense measuring, I figured any dresser we got would have to be less than 50 inches in length. Well. I don’t know if you’ve looked for dressers recently, but most are MUCH BIGGER than 50 inches.

Frustrated, I started looking into changing table/dresser combos and hated all of them. Then, I was introduced to, which contrary to the name has a lot more than diapers. And friends, it was there I found a slew of dressers in my size range. I’ve decided to go with this one. It’s a good size, simple, and I think the color will go well with the other furniture in the room. And also? Free shipping over $49. Holla!

Other than that, the only other big projects left are organizing the closet (finally have a plan for that, I cleaned out most of it yesterday) and decorating: Hanging the pictures I made and other random things. John really wants to build a model airplane for her and hang it from a hook in the ceiling, an idea I adore. I’d also like to get a storage ottoman to a) put things in and b) prop my feet on while I rock her, as well as a much bigger basket for toys and things.

I’m beyond ready to be done with this project. The smallest bit of exertion just takes everything out of me, and moving around really kills my back and hips. Also, some not so nice pregnancy enemies have returned, namely nausea and awful heartburn. This is of course thanks to her pushing up against my stomach pretty much all day. She’s really fond of kicking it quite hard. So, basically, the sooner this gets done, the better, because Mama is TIRED.


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