30 week update/The most productive week EVER

So. We are 30 weeks pregnant.

Which looks like this.

This may have been the most productive week of my pregnancy. Allow me to recap:

On Monday, John and I finally sat down and decided on a crib. We ordered it that evening and YAY it arrived yesterday. It is now assembled and in Baby A’s room, where it looks beautiful.

It’s the Graco Classic Shelby crib from Target, if you’re curious

On Wednesday, I went and looked at a daycare option. This was kind of hard for me (I’ve discussed my personal reservations with enrolling her in a daycare here before). This daycare was highly recommended to me by a couple parents. It at was clean, organized, and the staff were very friendly; the babies in the infant room were happy, engaged, and well attended to. More importantly, they were excited to be with their caregivers, and it was clear the staff adored the kids they cared for in all age groups. Overall it was a very positive experience and reassured me my baby will be well taken care of and loved when it’s time for her to go to daycare. We’re on a waiting list for this location, but I’ll probably go look at a couple other options in the next few weeks.

On Thursday, I met with the pediatrician. I chose the practice on a recommendation, and because it takes our insurance, has privileges at our delivery hospital, and has weekend hours. But I chose the doctor kind of by throwing a dart. She’s currently accepting new patients, and to be honest, she’s a she. I have a very high preference for female doctors, and this case is no different. She’s extremely laid back and casual, which I think will be great as Amelia gets older.

I also had my bi-weekly check-up on Thursday. My blood pressure is still normal, and everything looks great. I had been having some worries about her movements earlier this week. She usually moves with a lot of intensity, and for a few days she wasn’t necessarily moving less, just much more subtly. The good doctor reassured me this is normal, and she is probably just in a different position which can prompt a change in movements. Also, she’s running out of room in there which will also change the way I feel her. And when she listened for the heart beat on the doppler, we heard her jump around a few times. Everything is A OK in there.

Today, John and I went to a childbirth class at the hospital. Although it was long (four freaking hours), we both found it very informative. I knew pretty early in this pregnancy my ultimate goal is a natural labor and delivery, so this class was mostly for logistics: When do I go to hospital, what should I be looking for, what are my options, etc. We’ll be taking another, more detailed natural childbirth class in a few weeks.

Like I said, productive. As a pat on the back, we’re going to a local fancy eating place for a much needed date night. (and finally using a Christmas present from last year, so it’s a free date, which is even better). And tomorrow, I plan on sleeping because this burst of productivity has left me zapped of energy. I may even fall asleep at table tonight.

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