Another project in the books

Last night I got a wave of energy and was motivated to finish a project for the nursery I started ages ago.

I pinned this awhile ago on Pinterest (seriously, what would we do without Pinterest?):

Basically it’s a map modge podged onto a canvas, then you apply sticker letters, then paint over them. I loved the quote, and I thought something similar would look good over the dresser in her room.

So, this is what I ended up coming up with:




I had the frames left over from some art work we used to have hanging over our TV, so in the interest of reusing, I repurposed them for this project.

Before we knew Baby A was a girl, we were pretty much sold on an airplane room for a little boy. I was pretty stoked after I saw the pin, because I knew a way I could bring a little aviation into our little girl’s room. Instead of using a regular street map, I used sectional charts (VFR and IFR, if you are interested), which are basically aeronautical maps.

It’s a pretty straightforward project: I cut the sectionals to size for the frames, then printed the quotes onto transparent card stock. I secured the card stock to the sectional and the sectional to the frame with just a little bit of tape in the corners. I dug through my random assortment of scrap-booking stuff for the adornments.

If I were doing this again for another room, I’d probably just buy 8x10s though. These frames are a really strange size, so I ended up having to cut strips of card stock and piece them all together so it was uniform. It was a pain.

Overall, I’m really happy with this little project. I love, love, love the quotes. And I think it’s really special how a little bit of her Daddy’s world has found a home in her very sweet nursery.

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