The Great Diaper Debate

So yesterday I was hanging around the discussion boards on The Bump, which frankly is never a very good idea because the boards there are just like the boards everywhere else: Filled with trollers, spam, uneducated people, and people trying to start crap.

Specifically, I was looking at an article on cloth vs. disposable diapers. I know this a very hot topic right now, and cloth diapers are extremely en vogue as people are becoming more eco-conscious and earth aware. What I failed to realize is how vocal everyone is on his or her decision on how to diaper. And how wrong you are if you go the way they are not.

Here’s the thing: When I found out I was pregnant, it never even crossed my mind to even look into cloth diapering. I have several reasons for this. One, I knew I was going back to work, and thus sending my child to daycare. Most, if not all, daycares have a no cloth diaper policy (at least every single one I’ve spoken to and or researched). Seeing as she will have to be in disposables the majority of the time, it makes no sense to me to invest in both cloth and disposables.

Two, I don’t have time and energy to truly immerse myself into cloth diapering. Between our schedules, John and I barely have time to do our laundry. Adding a baby into that, plus washing cloth diapers, would just be too much laundry for us to handle. I know you can do diaper services, but a simple Google search did not yield promising results for my area.

I know several moms who cloth diaper and swear by it, and that’s great for them. Those moms are also stay at home moms or moms with nannies who don’t mind dealing with the extra work of cloth diapering. (The nanny vs. daycare is a debate for another day, but let’s just say I wish John and I made enough money to afford a nanny.) I am happy they have found a way to make this fit into their lifestyle, but I know it simply won’t work with ours right now.

I don’t understand why we have to get so heated about these things. I blame the mommy wars: Breast vs. bottle, SAHM vs. work mommy, daycare vs. nanny, cloth vs. disposable, etc, etc.  Basically, the idea is one is better than the other and therefore makes you a better mom.

Yes, there are definitely options people can argue are beneficial for a variety of reasons, but I don’t think it makes one mom better than any other. There are a million reasons why people choose to parent in a particular way, and it really isn’t up to you or me to judge them for it. After all, aren’t we all on the same team here? We’re all mothers who are trying to do what’s best for our babies and our families.

2 thoughts on “The Great Diaper Debate

  1. This is response is in no way meant to be “heated”, just wanting to dispel a couple myths you posted about using cloth diapers 🙂

    Cloth is absolutely not any extra work than having disposables. On the one hand, you are washing a load of diapers. On the other hand, you are washing a load of the 3 onesies your baby’s explosive newborn poo leaked onto out of the disposable. Laundry-wise, it really is “6 to one, half dozen the other” as they say.

    Cloth is 100% superior to disposables when it comes to keeping baby poo off those cute little outfits. Which is important, because baby poo stains and does not come out! (unless you wash RIGHT away, but I breast feed so I don’t know about formula poo and staining.) If you don’t want to do the “extra work” of cloth, but don’t want nasty blow outs, I recommend getting a few cloth diaper covers and putting them over the disposable diapers to keep the poop where it belongs. 🙂

    And diaper services I think are kind of stupid. I don’t know why anyone even uses them anymore.

    And I totally understand not using cloth because your kid will be in daycare. They don’t allow cloth at daycares in the Army so when i used to drop off the kids at daycare at the gym on post, it was such a pain to have to make sure I had them in disposables, and had extra in the car, etc.

    • Thanks for the insight :). Honestly, if I knew I was going to be home with her more often, it’s something I would probably look into more. I plan on breast-feeding as well, so figuring out how I’m going to schedule pumping while at work is enough extra for me right now!

      And thanks for the tip about the cloth diaper covers! I will definitely try it out.

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