10 things I’m tired of hearing

10. “You have a long way to go!”

9. “You’re getting close!”

8. “It’s gonna be a hot summer for you!”

7. “Are you having twins?”

6. “You look ready to pop!”

5. “Are you tired?”

4. “Girls are harder to raise/more expensive.”

3. “You’re gonna have a big baby!”

2. “You’re going back to work? Oh.”

1. “How are you feeling?”

Seriously, if I hear any of these ever again, and I know I will, I cannot be held responsible for my actions.

Sorry for the short post this evening. I am, in fact, tired, as sleeping is quickly becoming a long lost friend. I guess it’s true what they say about the third trimester; it can be summed up in one phrase: Complete and utter exhaustion. And also hip and joint pain. I  think I’m going to make myself a bagel and some peppermint tea and call it a night.

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