Feathering the nest

Is 28 and a half weeks too early for the nesting phenomenon to take place? Because the past few days I have been hard core into making our living space as perfect as possible. I’ve been obsessing over the completing the nursery (which is beginning to feel like a never-ending project and migraine inducer), as well as ORGANIZING THE MESS WE LIVE IN. Especially Amelia’s closet, which not only serves as a place to store her stuff but where we have been putting everything that doesn’t have a home since we moved.

(For the record, it’s not messy, dirty mess as much as “how on earth did two people in their twenties accumulate so much crap?” mess.)

Today I washed the small mountain of laundry we had accumulated and cleaned the condo. And by cleaned I mean whined for John to clean the litter box and the cats’ bathroom (the spare bathroom is where the litter box is, and they are the only ones who really use that room so now it’s their bathroom; such spoiled animals) while I swept, Swiffered and mopped the floors. Of all the things in this world that drive me crazy, especially now, the tile floors in this condo take the top spot. I was definitely wrong in thinking ceramic tile would be easy to keep clean. It’s impossible to keep even moderately clean. I’d have to do the same Swiffer+sweep+mop combo every day if I wanted to not feel like I have to brush my feet off every time I sit down.

The problem is it really hurts my back and knees to do these things, so I’m hoping we’ll be able to hire someone in the weeks before Amelia arrives to really scrub the place down. I’m definitely not asking for a permanent housekeeper (I wish we had that kind of money), but someone who can make and keep it baby clean in the weeks before and after she gets here will super helpful.

If anyone out there has some advice for de-cluttering, something I seem to be terrible with, and easy organization tips, this pregnant girl is all ears!

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