The home stretch

Well, we’ve officially been in the third trimester for a week now. The end is in sight! Kind of. Some days I feel like it’s right around the corner, other days I feel like I still have eons left of this pregnancy.

We had a check-up, complete with ultrasound, today. Like last time, it was so amazing to see her in there. Unlike last time, she was a much more cooperative baby (I may or may not have promised her a future of amazing things if she did, we had several pep talks). She didn’t disappoint.

Pretty face

This one totally freaks out John. I told him I was going to put it on his night stand with a speech bubble saying, “HI DADDY, I LOVE YOU.”

Amelia’s fist of fury.

Little button nose

They were able to get all the views they were unable to the first time, and, drum roll, she has moved into a head down position! Now we just hope she stays that way. Doctor put her at 2 lbs 14 oz, in the 61st percentile for growth, which is slightly above average, so maybe she won’t have room to turn around in there. She was moving around the entire time, so it was really cool to see and feel her move simultaneously. Everything is wonderfully, beautifully normal.

(She is also definitely still a girl. And thank God, considering all the pink. John’s favorite past time over the past couple of months has been feeding my paranoia over the ultrasound technician being wrong. I would love a little boy, but the thought of redoing the nursery makes me want to cry.)

The other good news is my blood pressure looked much better today. Doctor said all my labs came back normal, meaning no signs of pre-eclampsia, HELLP syndrome, or gestational diabetes. I’m feeling very blessed to be healthy and carrying a healthy, growing baby.

So all in all, it was a good day. Until a gentleman at work asked me if I was having twins. And I swear to God, if he hadn’t been an officer of the law in uniform and I hadn’t been at work, I would have punched him.

I wonder how many times I’ll hear that in the next 12 weeks. It’s only a matter of time before I, justifiably, snap. World, you’ve been warned.

2 thoughts on “The home stretch

  1. You’re girl’s got a beautiful profile there! I have a fear that we’re NOT having a boy and all the cute clothes we’ve bought and the 20lbs of hand-me-downs from friends will be for naught. Fingers crossed.

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