All showered up

To quote Martin Short in one of my all time favorite bad movies, Father Of The Bride 2, “Eet’s a bebe shower!”

Amelia and I had our first baby shower yesterday (three of my best college friends are throwing us one next week–yes, we are very spoiled), hosted by my sister-in-law and mom. And we got a lot of swag:

Everything is beautiful, and I can’t wait to get home and put it all together and in it’s place in our home and her nursery. Now, I just need the baby, too.

(And probably someone to tell me how to properly use my new baby sling before I put the actual baby in it.)


Dancing by herself

I often find myself trying to deduce Amelia’s personality traits from her movements in utero. It’s become a fun little game around the house as well as an ongoing joke.

A couple nights ago, for instance, she was rocking out hard core in there. She was moving so much and so rigorously my whole stomach was moving. All I could do was watch in awe. How can something so small move THAT much? I joked on Twitter she was having a party by herself. She must really live frozen yogurt and So You Think You Can Dance. It carried on for a long while, even after we went to bed, prompting this discussion:

John: Is that you or the baby?

Me: Baby.

John: We’re going to have a long talk about bedtimes when she gets here.

(And last night, I pressed down on my stomach at the exact same time/place she kicked, which never happens, and I FELT HER LITTLE FOOT, OH MY GOD. It was the weirdest, coolest thing.)

From what I can gather, if she is half as active outside the womb as she is now she’s going to be a very active baby, but only on her terms. If she’s kicking a lot and someone else goes to feel, she immediately stops and won’t resume until the offending hand is removed from my belly. So, active and stubborn. And with a complete disregard for bedtime. Clearly, John and I will have our hands full with this tiny dancer.

I’m curious to see how accurate my guesses are. Was anyone else able to figure out baby’s temperament from actions while pregnant?

Nursery, round whatever

The nursery is almost done! This is what it looks like now:

(If you need comparison, this is what it looked like a few weeks ago.)

What a difference, huh? We got the rug from Target (God, I love that store). It’s soft and plush and the perfect size for putting a blanket down for tummy time.

All that’s really left is getting the dresser. And let me tell you, finding a dresser that works in the space was a huge pain in the ass. It’s not a very big room, which is fine, I mean, it’s a nursery. She won’t even be in it for a couple months. After some intense measuring, I figured any dresser we got would have to be less than 50 inches in length. Well. I don’t know if you’ve looked for dressers recently, but most are MUCH BIGGER than 50 inches.

Frustrated, I started looking into changing table/dresser combos and hated all of them. Then, I was introduced to, which contrary to the name has a lot more than diapers. And friends, it was there I found a slew of dressers in my size range. I’ve decided to go with this one. It’s a good size, simple, and I think the color will go well with the other furniture in the room. And also? Free shipping over $49. Holla!

Other than that, the only other big projects left are organizing the closet (finally have a plan for that, I cleaned out most of it yesterday) and decorating: Hanging the pictures I made and other random things. John really wants to build a model airplane for her and hang it from a hook in the ceiling, an idea I adore. I’d also like to get a storage ottoman to a) put things in and b) prop my feet on while I rock her, as well as a much bigger basket for toys and things.

I’m beyond ready to be done with this project. The smallest bit of exertion just takes everything out of me, and moving around really kills my back and hips. Also, some not so nice pregnancy enemies have returned, namely nausea and awful heartburn. This is of course thanks to her pushing up against my stomach pretty much all day. She’s really fond of kicking it quite hard. So, basically, the sooner this gets done, the better, because Mama is TIRED.


30 week update/The most productive week EVER

So. We are 30 weeks pregnant.

Which looks like this.

This may have been the most productive week of my pregnancy. Allow me to recap:

On Monday, John and I finally sat down and decided on a crib. We ordered it that evening and YAY it arrived yesterday. It is now assembled and in Baby A’s room, where it looks beautiful.

It’s the Graco Classic Shelby crib from Target, if you’re curious

On Wednesday, I went and looked at a daycare option. This was kind of hard for me (I’ve discussed my personal reservations with enrolling her in a daycare here before). This daycare was highly recommended to me by a couple parents. It at was clean, organized, and the staff were very friendly; the babies in the infant room were happy, engaged, and well attended to. More importantly, they were excited to be with their caregivers, and it was clear the staff adored the kids they cared for in all age groups. Overall it was a very positive experience and reassured me my baby will be well taken care of and loved when it’s time for her to go to daycare. We’re on a waiting list for this location, but I’ll probably go look at a couple other options in the next few weeks.

On Thursday, I met with the pediatrician. I chose the practice on a recommendation, and because it takes our insurance, has privileges at our delivery hospital, and has weekend hours. But I chose the doctor kind of by throwing a dart. She’s currently accepting new patients, and to be honest, she’s a she. I have a very high preference for female doctors, and this case is no different. She’s extremely laid back and casual, which I think will be great as Amelia gets older.

I also had my bi-weekly check-up on Thursday. My blood pressure is still normal, and everything looks great. I had been having some worries about her movements earlier this week. She usually moves with a lot of intensity, and for a few days she wasn’t necessarily moving less, just much more subtly. The good doctor reassured me this is normal, and she is probably just in a different position which can prompt a change in movements. Also, she’s running out of room in there which will also change the way I feel her. And when she listened for the heart beat on the doppler, we heard her jump around a few times. Everything is A OK in there.

Today, John and I went to a childbirth class at the hospital. Although it was long (four freaking hours), we both found it very informative. I knew pretty early in this pregnancy my ultimate goal is a natural labor and delivery, so this class was mostly for logistics: When do I go to hospital, what should I be looking for, what are my options, etc. We’ll be taking another, more detailed natural childbirth class in a few weeks.

Like I said, productive. As a pat on the back, we’re going to a local fancy eating place for a much needed date night. (and finally using a Christmas present from last year, so it’s a free date, which is even better). And tomorrow, I plan on sleeping because this burst of productivity has left me zapped of energy. I may even fall asleep at table tonight.

Another project in the books

Last night I got a wave of energy and was motivated to finish a project for the nursery I started ages ago.

I pinned this awhile ago on Pinterest (seriously, what would we do without Pinterest?):

Basically it’s a map modge podged onto a canvas, then you apply sticker letters, then paint over them. I loved the quote, and I thought something similar would look good over the dresser in her room.

So, this is what I ended up coming up with:




I had the frames left over from some art work we used to have hanging over our TV, so in the interest of reusing, I repurposed them for this project.

Before we knew Baby A was a girl, we were pretty much sold on an airplane room for a little boy. I was pretty stoked after I saw the pin, because I knew a way I could bring a little aviation into our little girl’s room. Instead of using a regular street map, I used sectional charts (VFR and IFR, if you are interested), which are basically aeronautical maps.

It’s a pretty straightforward project: I cut the sectionals to size for the frames, then printed the quotes onto transparent card stock. I secured the card stock to the sectional and the sectional to the frame with just a little bit of tape in the corners. I dug through my random assortment of scrap-booking stuff for the adornments.

If I were doing this again for another room, I’d probably just buy 8x10s though. These frames are a really strange size, so I ended up having to cut strips of card stock and piece them all together so it was uniform. It was a pain.

Overall, I’m really happy with this little project. I love, love, love the quotes. And I think it’s really special how a little bit of her Daddy’s world has found a home in her very sweet nursery.

The Great Diaper Debate

So yesterday I was hanging around the discussion boards on The Bump, which frankly is never a very good idea because the boards there are just like the boards everywhere else: Filled with trollers, spam, uneducated people, and people trying to start crap.

Specifically, I was looking at an article on cloth vs. disposable diapers. I know this a very hot topic right now, and cloth diapers are extremely en vogue as people are becoming more eco-conscious and earth aware. What I failed to realize is how vocal everyone is on his or her decision on how to diaper. And how wrong you are if you go the way they are not.

Here’s the thing: When I found out I was pregnant, it never even crossed my mind to even look into cloth diapering. I have several reasons for this. One, I knew I was going back to work, and thus sending my child to daycare. Most, if not all, daycares have a no cloth diaper policy (at least every single one I’ve spoken to and or researched). Seeing as she will have to be in disposables the majority of the time, it makes no sense to me to invest in both cloth and disposables.

Two, I don’t have time and energy to truly immerse myself into cloth diapering. Between our schedules, John and I barely have time to do our laundry. Adding a baby into that, plus washing cloth diapers, would just be too much laundry for us to handle. I know you can do diaper services, but a simple Google search did not yield promising results for my area.

I know several moms who cloth diaper and swear by it, and that’s great for them. Those moms are also stay at home moms or moms with nannies who don’t mind dealing with the extra work of cloth diapering. (The nanny vs. daycare is a debate for another day, but let’s just say I wish John and I made enough money to afford a nanny.) I am happy they have found a way to make this fit into their lifestyle, but I know it simply won’t work with ours right now.

I don’t understand why we have to get so heated about these things. I blame the mommy wars: Breast vs. bottle, SAHM vs. work mommy, daycare vs. nanny, cloth vs. disposable, etc, etc.  Basically, the idea is one is better than the other and therefore makes you a better mom.

Yes, there are definitely options people can argue are beneficial for a variety of reasons, but I don’t think it makes one mom better than any other. There are a million reasons why people choose to parent in a particular way, and it really isn’t up to you or me to judge them for it. After all, aren’t we all on the same team here? We’re all mothers who are trying to do what’s best for our babies and our families.

10 things I’m tired of hearing

10. “You have a long way to go!”

9. “You’re getting close!”

8. “It’s gonna be a hot summer for you!”

7. “Are you having twins?”

6. “You look ready to pop!”

5. “Are you tired?”

4. “Girls are harder to raise/more expensive.”

3. “You’re gonna have a big baby!”

2. “You’re going back to work? Oh.”

1. “How are you feeling?”

Seriously, if I hear any of these ever again, and I know I will, I cannot be held responsible for my actions.

Sorry for the short post this evening. I am, in fact, tired, as sleeping is quickly becoming a long lost friend. I guess it’s true what they say about the third trimester; it can be summed up in one phrase: Complete and utter exhaustion. And also hip and joint pain. I  think I’m going to make myself a bagel and some peppermint tea and call it a night.