The most perfect wall ever

John and I buckled down and finished Amelia’s nursery wall yesterday. I’m so pleased with how it turned out. But, like making the hoops, it was definitely a multi-step process.

We hung the letters first. Instead of using nails to hang the letters (which was our original idea, and then we thought, wait, how are we going to hang the I and the L?), we used Command No Damage Frame Hangers. Since it was impossible to really measure this, we basically had to eyeball it. It was kind of a pain because John is a perfectionist, and when it comes to this kind of project I’m more of a “get it done” girl. Somehow, though, we made it work.

Admiring his letter hanging skills

(Don’t you love my model? He’s such a good, albeit reluctant, handyman.)

Hanging the hoops was much easier. First, I took a hoop of each size and placed it over it’s corresponding paper circle on the wall. You could hang the hoops one of two ways: Either from the metal clasp or the wooden part of the hoop. I figured it would be a little more difficult for her to get them off the wall if we hung them from the metal part, so I pushed a pencil through where the nail would go and put a dot on the wall so John would know where to hang. Then he hammered.

Handyman at work

After all the nails were in place, we hung our hoops. And voila, the end result:


I’m SO HAPPY with how this project turned out. It’s exactly what I wanted in a nursery: Soft, girly, fun, not babyish, but still “young”. Something that will grow with her for a few years until she can help decorate her own room. I’m so proud of my first successful venture into crafting and DIY; I’m actually looking forward to doing more for her room.

But for now, with this done, we’re onto bigger and better things. Like, you know, furniture, which I’ve heard is pretty central to a nursery.

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