The way to a pregnant lady’s heart is through her stomach

I never really understood the whole craving thing that comes with pregnancy. I heard about it and even laughed about some of the crazier ones. Now, the whole crazy pregnant lady craving thing IS my reality. Last night, John went out to eat with a friend. When he called me to let me know, I asked him, “Can you bring me home some french fries?” Today, my manager had a taco salad for lunch, and all I could think about for the rest of the day was Mexican food. More specifically, I wanted a burrito from Izzo’s. I was literally salivating in the parking lot of the restaurant after work.

And then there’s the really random ones. Like the other day, when I was hit with a craving for Andes mint thins. Who would even think of those outside of Christmas? Add in my never ending quest for Blue Bell Rainbow Popsicles, and I’m amazed I can function most days without driving everyone around me insane.

It’s crazy how much I think about food these days. After a very long first trimester of not wanting any food, it’s been really enjoyable  to not only want to eat, but to savor what I’m eating. Plus since I haven’t gained much weight, I feel a little more freedom when it comes to food, though I try not to indulge too much. I find it especially funny how Amelia reacts to food. After some meals she’s super active, and others more relaxed. It’s fun to try to guess if active means she likes something, or vice versa.

In other pregnancy news, I haven’t been feeling all that great physically the past few days. I’m very quickly venturing into the uncomfortable part of pregnancy, which for me means hip pain and back pain, and it seems like I’m getting even less sleep than I was. And since I’ve spent the past couple nights working on nursery things, I’m taking a break tonight to just veg out and kick my feet up. John is out of town for the evening, so I have complete control over Netflix. I have a lot of things on the books for the next few days, but I’m hoping to finish up the fabric hoops and wrap up another project (I’m literally scared of the person Pinterest is turning me into). But for tonight I foresee a few episodes of Private Practice, a couple chapters in my book, and a hot shower in my future.

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