Nursery, round 2

After a nice weekend with my family, I got home today feeling absolutely inspired to tackle the nursery. Or at least the fabric hoops for the wall behind the crib, in spite of the fact I still didn’t have any fabric to go into the hoops or the hoops themselves. So I boldly went to Joann’s Fabrics without a plan or much of an idea what I wanted to do.

My original intention was to pick out all the fabrics separately, but I quickly realized I would probably be there for about four days before I got half way done. Luckily, Joann’s sells pre-made bundles of fabric quarters already color coordinated, so I narrowed my focus to those. I found one I immediately fell in love with in shades of brown, salmon, and turquoise.

At home, I ironed all the squares (just enough to get the creases out; pulling them in the tight hoops gets the rest), and then sat down to the task of figuring out which hoops to put with each fabric.

My paper circle version came in as a handy reference so I was able to make sure the same colors wouldn’t be right next to each other. Once I was happy with the pattern, I started assembling.

Here is a quick tutorial if you ever want to do this yourself:

-Find your favorite Pandora station. Crank it up. (I greatly enjoyed my Elton John station during this project, but whatever floats your boat)

-Place the inner circle of the hoop under the fabric. Make sure it’s a segment with the pattern you want. Generally speaking, it’s easiest to work from corners.

-Place the outer circle around the inner and tighten. As much as it will tighten, tighten it. Gently pull sides so fabric isn’t bunchy or wrinkly.

-Cut excess fabric. You only need a centimeter or so to glue down. Any more or less is a pain.

-Glue edges of fabric to back side of hoop. I used an all purpose craft glue, but anything except hot glue or super glue will work since you will be using your fingers to secure the fabric to the hoop, and trust me, it will get all over you. Let the glue dry some before you start messing around with them or you will be gluing some more.

And ta-da, you have your very own fabric filled hoop. As far as crafts go, it’s pretty easy, but a little tedious. Don’t make the same mistake as I did and sit on the nursery floor to do it, as it’s very uncomfortable.

Sadly, Joann’s was out of the 14″ embroidery hoops, so there were a few I wasn’t able to complete. I have two beige-ish fabrics and a fabric with all the colors (very similar to the already made big one) that will fill those as soon as I can get them, so pardon the bare the spots in the arrangement.

So far, I’m really pleased with how it’s turning out. It’s girly without being babyish, and the colors are fun while some of the patterns are still a little sophisticated. All in all, I think it’s a really pretty design that will grow with her.

I can’t wait to finish the hoops and get it all up on the wall. I also found a crib I’m in love with this weekend, so hopefully we’ll have that ordered and on the way by the end of the week. That just leaves finding a dresser, curtains, and a couple small decor projects and the nursery is DONE. Cannot wait.

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