Nursery, round 1

So I’ve accomplished a few things in the nursery. I cleared out most of the things left unpacked (there are a few still in need of homes), which gave me a better idea of the space I am working with.

In case you need reminding, this is what the nursery looked like a couple weeks ago

This is what it looks like now:

Significantly better. To get a better idea of what I wanted the wall to look like, I laid it out on Publisher. After a lot of tweaking, I decided to go with this:

Then I went to Joann’s Fabrics and bought an embroidery hoop in each size. I traced the hoops onto paper, and taped them to the wall to get a better idea of what we’d be looking like, spatially.

I hand wrote each letter of her name onto a sheet of paper and cut them out to get an idea of what the whole thing would look like. Anyway, this is what the wall still looks like right now. I go in there at least once a day, sometimes I move circles around, but I usually end of moving them back to this original configuration. My only worry is how big it is. I don’t really want to make a commitment until we get the crib to see how high it comes up on that wall. My worry is she’ll be able to grab the circles when she’s old enough to stand up, and though they aren’t heavy, I really don’t want her frisbee-ing them in her room.

So, my goals for this week and next are to:

1-Find nursery furniture. I’ve literally looked at every baby store for a crib I like, and I’ve come up with nothing. The one I originally linked to is on backorder FOREVER, and with only three months to go, it seems like a poor decision. So I’m going to try something different. There’s an unfinished furniture warehouse close to our condo, so we’re going to check it out. We’ve never stained furniture before, so I worry we may end up with a bigger project than anticipated, but it’s got to be easier than refinishing older furniture.

2-Collect fabric for hoops. I have 13 hoops to fill. If anyone has any fabric that would look cute in a little girl’s room, let me know. Ideally, I’d like to collect more than 13 samples to have some options.

3-Look for an (affordable) area rug and window treatments. This is more of a nursery want than a need, but I think both will help tie the room together and make it more cozy.

I’m happy we’ve finally got this project underway, but there is still a long way to go. Lucky for me it feels like I’ll be pregnant forever.

2 thoughts on “Nursery, round 1

  1. I would go to Cullen’s babyland. That’s where we are getting our bed. The window treatments are a need!!! When she is trying to nap better for it to be as dark as possible. With the hoops, have you thought of putting some as mirrors? Just a thought. Have fun

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