Our first kids

I’ve mentioned here before John and I have two cats. They are my furbabies, and I consider them to be our first kids.

This is Suki. She is our “Garfield” cat, meaning she’s a little tubby (she’s gotten better recently) and has little patience for our other cat (and us, most of the time, unless we’re feeding her). She isn’t super affectionate, but she has her moments. Mostly, she likes to live and let live.

This is Harleaux, the Nermal to Suki’s Garfield. She’s completely insane. Where Suki likes to be left alone, Harleaux LOVES to be all up in your business. Especially Suki’s. She’s constantly in motion unless she’s sleeping.

For the most part, they coexist somewhat peacefully. Suki isn’t particularly frisky, and Harleaux is the most frisky cat ever, so there is a lot of hissing and swatting, but generally speaking nothing including bloodshed. Now that D-Day is only 3 months(ish) away, I’m starting to worry about how they are going to handle being “big sisters” to a real human baby. The only time we’ve introduced them to a new creature was when we dog-sat for my parents. Suki mostly ignored the dog while Harleaux loathed her with a passion. I know dogs are different from kids, but neither cat has ever been around a baby or child (that I’m aware of), so we’re sort of going into unchartered territory.

I love these cats, crazy cat lady stigma be damned, and I also love my unborn daughter. I would like to keep all three in my house as long as possible, so I want to prep the cats for this new little person who will be a very big part of their lives. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get pets, cats specifically, ready for a baby?

2 thoughts on “Our first kids

  1. Mom and dad had two cats when I was born. They had a lot of friends with kids over when mom was preggers to get the cats used to the craziness of kids. After I was born, they made every effort to make the cats like me and me like the cats. Mom says I used to love watching the more playful cat jump after a ribbon. It all worked, I guess, my first word was “gato” (“cat” in Spanish). You’re already a better mom than I’ll be. If the baby and Patches don’t get along, bye-bye baby! (JK…well, probably)

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