A pregnant woman’s worst nightmare

I had to do the unthinkable today. I had to go to the mall.

Before pregnancy, I loved going to the mall. It was one of my favorite places, if not my favorite place. I loved to shop, to try on clothes, and shoes. Not just for me, but for other people too. I love shopping for birthday and Christmas presents. If John would let me, I would take him shopping for a whole new wardrobe (he’ll never relinquish that to me).

Now, shopping exhausts me. And the thought of driving past the mall makes me cringe. When I first started showing, I dreaded going to look for maternity clothes. Trying to fit the body you have had for 25 years is a challenge enough, trying to fit an ever changing one has been my worst nightmare.

Next week a good friend of ours is getting married. We have another wedding to go to in June, and I really needed to find a dress that would work for both occasions that wouldn’t break the bank. When I went maternity clothes shopping with my mom a few weeks ago, we found out JC Penney sells maternity clothes at an extremely reasonable price. Against my better judgment, I went to the mall first.


For whatever reason, the whole city of Baton Rouge was swarming the mall today. It was crazy packed. I really dislike crowds, and these particular people seemed out for blood today. But, I’ll do a lot of things for a good deal, so I soldiered on. Only to find that this particular JC Penney had the world’s smallest maternity section. Literally, I think it had a few pairs of jeans, a few tops, and that’s about it. No dresses. What a waste of time and energy.

Luckily, I have a Destination Maternity in Baton Rouge. I’m sure not everyone has had the same experience, but it has made maternity clothes shopping much easier for me. Today, it took me all of 15 minutes to find a perfect dress that has enough elasticity and room to work for both weddings (AND IT HAS POCKETS, a perk I picked in my bridesmaids dresses and have been DYING to have on a dress of my own ever since). Plus, I really love the service the employees provide you there. They always ask if I want juice or water, and as soon as you pick one thing up they’re starting a room for you.

Lesson learned: From now on, if I need anything pregnancy related, I’m going there first. Screw the mall. I guess this is just another way pregnancy makes me hate things I used to adore, along with Greek food and boneless wings.

2 thoughts on “A pregnant woman’s worst nightmare

  1. I loved that store because they kept it so cold in there and it always felt so good. I got the red dress I wore at Christmas from there. Easiest shopping and pretty cheap too.

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