“My excuse is that I’m pregnant, what’s yours?”

Pretty much the moment I found out I was pregnant, I signed up for all the websites and accompanying newsletters about pregnancy that I could. As such, I get many emails a day from said sites, some I read, some I don’t, but today, one article on Babycenter caught my eye: How to handle rude comments during pregnancy.

My personal favorite: “Did you use fertility treatments?” “If I didn’t are you going to ask what position I used?”

Yesterday I posted about the top ten questions asked to pregnant women, and an awesome commenter said “Something about pregnancy makes people much more intrusive.” And the proof is in the pudding, as if we needed more. Seriously, no one makes such blatant comments about other health conditions, like someone with an insulin pump for diabetes, or if they do it’s not as socially acceptable. What is it about pregnancy that makes people think they can get away with the rudeness?

And just for the record, let it be known here that the first person to say, “You’re enormous!” is getting hit with “My excuse is that I’m pregnant, what’s yours?”

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