10 questions asked to pregnant women

Since announcing my pregnancy and starting to show, I’ve realized you get asked a lot of questions as a pregnant woman. And by a lot, I mean you end up having the same conversation over and over again. And then I saw this on Pinterest yesterday:

 Which really just solidified that this is a widespread epidemic, not a solitary issue. Which in turn prompted this:


 10. “When are you due?”

The moment someone notices you’re pregnant, this is first thing they ask. This is usually followed by, “You’re already so big!” for me, which I just love to hear .

9. “Do you know what you’re having?”/“Are you finding out?”

Everyone wants to know what you’re having, and if you don’t know yet, it is a dire need to know if you’re finding out. And then to lecture you on why you should not find out or find out, depending on what you say.

8. “Would you prefer a boy or girl?” 

My least favorite question; how do you answer it? I think, deep down, every woman, even if you really do want both, has a slight preference for either boy or girl. But do you admit that? What if the next time you see this person you know you’re having what you didn’t prefer? That would be a fun conversation. I usually end up saying something along the lines of “We just want a healthy baby,” which always seems to disappoint people by not showing a preference.

7. “Are you ready?

This question is just stupid. Do you know anyone that has been totally completely ready for parenthood? I’m willing to bet not. But I have to answer, “Getting there!” because if I don’t I look like a dumbass.

 6. “Are you excited?”

Honestly, even if someone isn’t excited, no one is going to admit it.

5. “Can I touch your tummy?”

The answer is always NO.

4. “Can you have that?”

I get this question whenever I’m eating or drinking something someone once read somewhere on the internet was unsafe for pregnancy. And I always have to answer and explain that yes, I can drink a small cup of coffee a day, now leave me alone while I enjoy my precious allotment of caffeine.

3. “What did your doctor say?”

Usually gets asked whenever you have a routine appointment, and the answer is always, “Everything looks great” because believe me you don’t want the answer to be anything else. What most people don’t realize is most OB appointments last about five minutes total, unless you’re having and ultrasound or tests. You go in, get weighed, they ask the same questions, listen for the heartbeat, and as long as nothing weird is going on, you’re done. It takes more time to drive to the office and wait than the appointment does.

 2. “What kind of cravings are you having?”

Pregnancy = weird cravings. And everyone wants to know what weird things you’re enjoying.

1. “How are you feeling?” 

If I had a dime for every time I was asked this, I would be able to send my kid to college. I always say “Good,” because no one really cares about my horrendous heartburn and how many times I got up to pee last night.

Did I leave anything out, ladies?

2 thoughts on “10 questions asked to pregnant women

  1. “You have any names picked out?” and then opinions on names if you share them. People also don’t understand having a nickname for a longer name too. You’d think I pulled the idea from thin air.

    “You sure there is just one in there?” This happened a lot to me and it made me feel a little violent toward the end.

    Good list though, I think you got most of them. Something about pregnancy makes people much more intrusive.

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