The obligatory introduction post

Around 15 weeks ago, January 25th, to be exact, I stood anxiously waiting for a timer to go off.

Typically, when a timer goes off in my house it means cookies are ready, but this time it was something slightly more exciting and terrifying: I was waiting for the results of a pregnancy test.

It was, by no means, the first pregnancy test I have ever taken (sorry, Mom), but it was the first one I wanted to be positive, making the moment that timer went off one of the most defining moments of my life.

One of the beauties of technology is the digital pregnancy test. Instead of two pink lines, a plus sign, or any other symbol that could possibly be misconstrued, with the digital pregnancy test, you get either a PREGNANT or a NOT PREGNANT. There really is no denying it at that point. When a big fat PREGNANT stares up at you from your bathroom counter, well, welcome to pregnancy, Mama.

And in this case, more specifically, welcome to my pregnancy. My name is Katy. I work for a very large company in sales, marketing and customer service, and I’m married to a pilot, John.  I am 15 weeks 4 days pregnant.

This pregnancy was planned. And by planned I mean one day we said “Hey, let’s have a baby!” and a few weeks later it was, “Wow, we’re having a baby!” (We really did plan much more than that, I promise) Yes, we’re excited. Yes, we’re scared shitless. And for the next 25ish weeks, everyone gets to know all about it. I’ll be detailing the highs, lows, happy moments, and gross out moments of my pregnancy.

Welcome to my (and baby’s!) weird and wonderful world 🙂

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